We do all quilting on a hand-driven and stitch-regulated APQS Millennium. Quilting services are priced based upon density and complexity.

Edge-to-Edge Quilting and Custom Quilting

This is quilting that is done across the entire top without changing for borders, blocks, etc. and is often but not always a repeating design.

•   A simple meander is the most budget-conscious option at 1.7 cents per square inch. We often recommend this for T-shirt quilts.

•   Edge-to-edge designs or “pantos” range from 2 to 2.5 cents per square inch depending upon the density of the design. We have a library of pantographs and can find the perfect design for your top.

•   Freehand meanders such as looping, floral, or starry designs are available upon request and are priced like pantograph designs.

Quilt Size Maximums:
We can accept quilts up to, but not including California Kings.

Custom Quilting:

This is quilting that is done to enhance the pieced or appliqued top. It starts at 3 cents per square inch and depends upon the complexity of the design. Because everyone’s ideas are unique, it is easiest to let us know what you would like to do and what your budget is for the quilting so we can find the right level of complexity.

Heirloom Quilting:
This style of quilting tends to be higher density or involves ruler work. These are often quilts intended to be hung or shown. As with custom quilting, pricing will depend upon what your vision is for the quilt.

Thread Charge:
We charge $8.00 for the first color of thread and $4.00 for each additional color.


  • Trimming your quilt - $10.00
  • Binding sewn to the front so you can turn it and stitch it down on the back by hand - $0.15 per linear inch plus $20.00 to construct the binding
  • Binding sewn by machine to both the front and back of your quilt - $0.25 per linear inch plus $20.00 to construct the binding


Typically, turnaround time for edge-to-edge quilting is four to six weeks and for custom quilting is four months. However, there are certain times of the year when turnaround is longer, such as the two months before the Kentucky State Fair and before the holidays. Because the month of December is family time for our household, no quilts are accepted for December deadlines after October 1.