Preparing Your Quilt

Quilt Top

Please do press your quilt top before you bring it to our meeting.


We recommend Hobbs and Quilter’s Dream products and we sell Hobbs 80/20 at the local market price. If you choose to bring your own batting, please ask about specific products. There are some brands that work better for longarm machines than others. Your batting will need to be 4” wider on all four sides than your top, so if your top is 80” by 80”, your batting needs to be 88” by 88”.


We provide the thread and it is included in the quilting estimate. Our preferred brands are Fil-Tec’s Glide and Superior’s So Fine 50 for edge-to-edge designs. Both are very well-tested, high quality polyester threads. We use Superior's The Bottom Line or Fil-Tec's Glide in the bobbin.


A wide back fabric is recommended (in most cases, this means no piecing for you!) or pieced quilting cotton for backing your quilt. If you need to piece your backing, please discuss it with us first. We ask that you remove the selvages first, then sew the pieces together with a 5/8” seam allowance and press the seams open. Your backing will also need to be 4” wider on all four sides than your top, so if your top is 80” by 80”, your backing fabric needs to be 88” by 88”.

We prefer to match the top thread to the bobbin thread as closely as possible. If you request a dark thread for the top, please consider using a backing that will not contrast with the matching bobbin thread.

Maximum Size

The maximum quilt size we can accept is kings, but not including California Kings.

Special Note: Heavily Pieced Backings

Often, clients ask us to use a pieced backing with blocks, a design, or a label. Please keep in mind that during the quilting process, the backing is not easily visible to us. Care will be taken to align your quilt as you request, but we cannot guarantee perfect alignment. At our initial meeting, we'll discuss exactly what you envision in terms of placement.